Various Malang Culinary Interesting Tastes

Various Malang Culinary Interesting Tastes

In addition to the cool tourist attractions, it turns out that many Malang culinary delights are proven to be delicious. If you're curious about what Malang specialties are recommended for you to try, check out the list of foods below. So that Malang culinary tourism is not monotonous, you can use the following food menu as a reference for hunting Malang culinary delights that are delicious and appetizing.


Various Malang Culinary Interesting Tastes

Orem-Orem is a typical Malang dish made from fried tempeh, chicken, and thick coconut milk. Orem-Orem is usually served with ketupat and added bean sprouts before being doused with the gravy. Because using coconut milk Orem-Orem has a savory and slightly spicy taste. For those who like sweet, usually, Orem-Orem is added soy sauce and for those who like spicy usually add chili sauce. At first, Orem-Orem was only served when there was a wedding or thanksgiving, but now there are many traders who sell Orem-Orem.

Rabbit Satay

Various Malang Culinary Interesting Tastes

Rabbit satay is very popular in Malang, especially in Batu City. Along the road to Batu, Malang, it is not difficult to find a seller of rabbit satay. At first glance, rabbit satay looks like chicken or goat satay. Some use peanut sauce, some use soy sauce as a compliment. But what makes rabbit satay different is of course the rabbit meat used.

To make rabbit satay, the chosen rabbit is a rabbit that is about 6 months old. Rabbit meat is believed to warm the body so it is suitable to be eaten while enjoying the cold atmosphere of Batu City.

Mendol Tempe

Various Malang Culinary Interesting Tastes

Tempe mendol is made from seasoned tempeh. This meal is usually often used as a snack but is often also used as a complement to heavy meals. Tempe Mendol itself uses tempe as the main ingredient. The tempeh is then mashed with spices such as shallots, garlic, kencur, coriander, kaffir lime, sugar, and salt. These spices make the taste of tempe mendol very savory compared to ordinary fried tempeh.

Malang Meatballs

Various Malang Culinary Interesting Tastes

If the culinary specialties of Malang this one must be familiar. Malang Meatballs is a typical Malang culinary that is easy to find anywhere. This food is often used as a culinary destination for Malang at night. The taste of the gravy is very tasty. In addition, there are additional fried dumplings and fried tofu that make Malang meatballs different from other meatballs.

Mawut rice

Various Malang Culinary Interesting Tastes

Mawut rice or often also called Nasi Goreng Mawut is a dish that serves fried rice and fried noodles at the same time. Rice and noodles mixed in one dish. All the ingredients from rice, wet noodles, cabbage, vegetables, and chicken are cooked at once, making this dish look messy. But there is no doubt about the taste, this Malang culinary has proven its delicacy.

There are many Malang culinary attractions that you can try when you visit Malang.

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