Mount Prau Dieng, The Most Beautiful Place To Enjoy Sunrise

Mount Prau Dieng, The Most Beautiful Place To Enjoy Sunrise

Mount Prau Dieng, recently became a new favorite for mountain climbers. Even if compared to other mountains in Java, Mount Prau has a medium height with a path that is not so difficult. Mount Prau has an altitude of 2,565 around the sea level, including in a mountain with a normal height, but there are interesting things on Mount Prau namely the phenomenon of sunset and sunrises.

Location and Route to Mount Prau Dieng

Mount Prau Dieng, The Most Beautiful Place To Enjoy Sunrise

Mount Prau is on the border of three districts, namely, Banjarnegara Regency, Wonosobo Regency, Batang Regency and Kendal Regency. Because the shape of Mount Prau is elongated like a boat. Because the most famous and short hiking trail is from the direction of Dieng natural tourism, so many climbers who call Mount Prau enter in the tourist area of Dieng.

To climb Mount Prau there are 2 main paths that have often been passed by climbers, in addition to the available monitoring posts of climbers, the path has also been widely known. The first path is to go through the northern line.

The northern path of the climb can start from Kendal Regency, namely the climbing path of Kenjuran Village, located in Sukarejo District. The hiking trail from the trail itself takes approximately 6 hours of travel. The route that is passed is a bit steep.

Mount Prau Dieng, The Most Beautiful Place To Enjoy Sunrise

The second and most crowded hiking trail is the southern route, from dieng natural tourism, ascent can start from Dieng or Patak Banteng Village, a village that is before the entrance to the dieng. Prau mountain climbing through the Dieng lane is slightly lighter around 3 hours of climbing.

For the hiking trail passing through Patak Banteng Village, there are 3 posts during the climb. At these posts the climbers can rest to gather energy and set up camp if they will continue climbing for some time. Usually in each post there are officers who are on guard and ready to provide assistance if the climbers experience difficulties.

Sunrise of Prau Dieng Mountain

Mount Prau Dieng, The Most Beautiful Place To Enjoy Sunrise

Prau Dieng Mountain is often considered an eye for professional climbers, perhaps because the mountain prau climbing route is too easy and the altitude is in the medium category. But each climb is seen not only the level of difficulty of the mountain being climbed, and how high the mountain is. The most important thing is experience and of course the beautiful natural phenomena that we will get.

Sunrise Prau Mountain, that's what is sought after by Mount Prau climbers. Who does not know the beauty of the Mount Prau sunrise. Sunrise which has the characteristics of golden yellow with a tinge of sky blue makes the sunrise of Mount Prau including a beautiful sunrise.

Mount Prau Dieng, The Most Beautiful Place To Enjoy Sunrise

According to information we got from residents around Dieng. The best Sunrise of Mount Prau will appear when the transition in December and January. The characteristic of the sunrise in that month is that the Sun is made with clear edges, beautiful yellow red light, blends with the blue sky and the weather of the sky that is completely clean from clouds or cloudy.

Besides the beauty of its sunrises, Mount Prau is also famous for its teletubies hill, which is a savanna view on Mount Prau with a small half-circle hill. View of the teletubies hill is best in the morning with a bit of mist covering it.


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